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Original Bitmain Antminer D3 17.5GHs - Cryptocurrency Ethereum Dashcoin Miner

ID: 5188

Product Description

1.Hash Rate: Up to 17,500 GH/s (+/- 5%)
2.Power Consumption: 1200W, 93% efficiency, 77°F ambient temp (at the wall using platinum rated PSU)
3.Hashing Algorithm: X11
4.Working Temperature:0℃ to 40℃
Matters needing attention:
1. Chassis deformation or heat sink off, please do not electrify, contact after-sales treatment.
2. Can not use two power supply with the same force board.
3. Recommend the use of ant ore pond
4. Ants mining machine must not use POE switch, easy to cause burning board of control board.
5. This machine only for dashcoin mining.
The warranty will be invalid:
1. Mining machine itself is demolished, unauthorized change, replacement components;
2. Damage caused by lightning stroke, voltage surge, inferior power supply, etc.;
3. Water inlet, circuit board and components are damp, corrosion damage;
4. Printed circuit boards have burned traces or chips burned;
5. Overclocking.
Package Include:
1 X Antminer D3
1 X User’s Manual